Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wal-mart worker insurance

The type of stuff on the link below is a real goldmine for potential insights in behavioural economics.

Oneonta Tire Store Manager Guilty Of Insurance Fraud

ONEONTA---An Oneonta businessman has pleaded guilty to fourth degree insurance fraud in relation to a 2002 fire at Monser Brothers Tire Sales Inc. in Oneonta of which he was part-owner and full-time manager.

Whole Life Insurance Companies

Whole Life Insurance Companies By Peter Emerson Life insurance is a big industry with financial assets of more than $4000 billion in 2004.

Community rating for health insurance

Kevin Drum writes: One of the arguments in favor of limited universal health care proposals -- like the one Arnold Schwarzenegger unveiled on Tuesday for California -- is that it's the best we can realistically hope for.

State Farm Loss In Katrina Insurance Coverage Case Has Potential ...

Yesterday, a Mississippi jury ordered home insurer State Farm to pay $2.5 million in punitive damages to a couple whose house was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

Business Insurance Now - Manage Your Small Business Risk

Risk is inherent in running any small business - the right business insurance can help you manage that risk.

Insurance Problems w/ State Farm

Can anyone recommend a good insurance company which will insure a house with a recent claim?

National Health Insurance? No Way !

“National Health Insurance” is one of the primary tools used by a government to control her people. That alone is enough for me to be whole-heartedly against it.

Tesco to sell private medical insurance

Tesco has teamed up with AXA PPP healthcare to offer private medical insurance via it's Personal Finance brand and claims that prices will be up to 32% lower than comparable health insurance products.

Information on Car Insurance.

Information on Car Insurance. Here we have provided answers to some frequently asked questions about the auto insurance industry. If you are like most people, the single biggest investment you will ever make is buying a home.